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Community Legacy

Community Legacy renovates properties and spaces that are empty or in disrepair across Wales, reducing the effects of anti-social behaviour, crime and vandalism and the detrimental impact this has on our local communities. In doing so, the project provides skill-development opportunities for a range of individuals from different backgrounds.

Through supporting the property renovation activities, these individuals develop a range of employability, construction and enterprise skills, achieve accredited qualifications, experience voluntary work placements and move closer towards accessing sustainable employment or self-employment.

“The course has been really beneficial and has given me the confidence to get my hands dirty and give it a go! The opportunity to acquire the CSCS card will also be of great benefit to my son, who can now use it and the experience developed to pursue employment.”


Steve and Lewis are a father and son who participated in the Community Legacy Project during 2019.

Steve lived in Caerphilly and had worked in retail for over twenty years when he was younger. Unfortunately, due to the combination of a long-term health-impairing illness and caring responsibilities for his mother and son he had been unemployed for some time.

Steve’s son, Lewis, was 18 and had struggled to engage with statutory education, resulting in him leaving school with no qualifications. This had resulted in Lewis lacking self-confidence and being unsure of a suitable career pathway, although he was interested in practical activities.

Steve and Lewis learnt of the Community Legacy Project through the South East Wales Carers Trust, a leading provider of practical services for carers and those with care needs in South Wales.


Steve and Lewis began the project in June 2019, attending on the days that they were available; this allowed them to combine their learning with other commitments, such as caring responsibilities.

They engaged with the Community Legacy Project for 6 weeks, in this time supporting renovation activities under the guidance of our tutors. Both Steve and Lewis demonstrated excellent progress, quickly picking up the basic techniques required in plastering, painting & decorating and carpentry.

Not only did they develop a range of trade skills, the activities supported them to improve their confidence, motivation and self-esteem, whilst the practical engagement of the project complemented their learning styles. During the project they also achieved the CITB Health & Safety Awareness Certificate which allowed them to apply for the CSCS card, all funded through the project.

Next Steps

Following the project Steve participated in voluntary work with the Carers Trust in order to develop his skills further, whilst Lewis utilised the experience and qualifications gained through the Community Legacy Project to secure employment with a local grounds-work company.

Both Steve and Lewis took great benefit from the project, providing both with the foundation to positively progress.

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