people & communities

We deliver innovative projects that support people and our communities to flourish and prosper

Our impact is far-reaching

Healthier community members

We support community members to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing, leading to a happier, more active community.

A better skilled workforce

We support community members to develop skills that lead to enhanced and more diverse employment prospects.

Better engaged communities

Our support empowers people to take ownership of their individual journeys, taking pride in their actions and resulting in better engaged community members.

Improved physical spaces

We use sustainable development principles to regenerate empty properties, reducing the effects of anti-social behaviour, crime and vandalism and the detrimental impact this has on our local communities.

More resilient communities

We develop attitudes, behaviours, and skills that result in improved confidence, motivation, and resilience, supporting people to make positive life decisions, changes, and improvements.

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Our innovative approach to community regeneration and skill development has resulted in national recognition:


Natwest SE100 index
Top 100 social
enterprises in UK


Empty Homes Network Innovation Award Winners


Learning & Work Wales Inspire Award Winners


Natwest SE25 Newcomers Shortlisted


Social Enterprise UK award Finalists


Social Business Wales ‘One to Watch’ Award Winners

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